Miqro Products

Miqro Products

In addition of the design and development of Electronics and IT Solutions, MIQRO offer several products dedicated to specific applications.
All our products are showing the expertise acquired by MIQRO in the last 35 years.



Control and Balance for rectifiers

COPORE 4 is a solution adapted for production industries using electrolysis as aluminium manufacturing. It is able to reduce the production dependence on equipments with it reliable control and balance solution.


A reliable solution

COPORE 4 is the last upgrade of our product with a measuring accuracy of 1%.
For years COPORE is a key partner of the industry using electrolytic processes. COPORE is an affordable product, fitting with the industry requirements, able to reduce the maintenance fees with controlling and qualifying the balance of their rectifiers’ voltage.


An efficent solution

COPORE doesn’t have competitors in terms of accurary, reliability, convenience, security and efficiency. It is a key equipment for every organization using a power conversion system.



Electrolysis Measurement Management

MIQRO developed EPM to manage records in electrolytic cells.

It affords the management and measure of data measured or inputed (bath height, cathode falls, temperatures…).

It is a powerful case with automatic range assignement, equipped with an OLED screen, a 4-key keyboard for navigation, an internal memory and a K-type thermocouple track with cold junction temperature compensation.


Integrated Battery

Portable product with it integrated battery of 2100 mAh can be used in stand-alone but also be connected to a supervision system to exchange datas like upload a to do record list or download the records done.


A full system

EPM is delivered with all accessories.

EPM is develivered with the technical documentation, it dedicated software, a power supply [UK, US, EUR, AUS], a connection cable, communication box and it protective case.

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