MIQRO : our Electronic and IT Solutions



We are handling specific electronics designs of several industrial sectors as; Solar Energy, aviation industry, shipbuilding, electric distribution, power’s transmission, …

Our electronic expertise enabling us to be polyvant and efficient from the project’s draft to production follow-up.


Full and complex mechanical engineering can be combined to electronic engineering ; electronic cards integration, manufacturing of special parts, 3D printing systems, modification of electronic boxes, tests benchs, serigraphy, engraving…

As each project has it own constraints and characteristics; MIQRO afford a customized solution for each project.


Embedded and PC Software

We are designing embedded softwares on microcontrollers and softwares for Windows environment.

Our embedded softwares afford the data digital analysis, input/output management, the use of kernels in real time, …

Our PC Softwares are enabling the set-up and maintenance of electronics systems, data recovery through specific files, communication (Modbus) or database management.


Specialized Machines

Qualified Technicians

Years of experience

A Hight Level of Reactivity


Efficient means of production

Our means of production enable a fast and competitive answer to your requests.


A multidisciplinary team

Our team handle each step of the production and is adaptable for each specific request ; machining, cabling, welding, components placement…


We meet your requirements

We are attentive to your needs and fitting the most demanding industrials standards.


We offer full solutions to our customers.

To facilitate the development, we are able to produce full prototypes ; electronic, mechanic and software development.

We have a full range of tools to achieve it : 3D Printing, precision machining, usable prototype cards.


MIQRO offer two kind of services for your obsolete electronic cards :

  • remanufacture an identical product with the support of our suppliers network
  • recreate the initial functions with new generation components

Some of our Achievements

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